Refund Policy

This policy is meant for consumers and covers the purchases made at our clients' websites in relation to Commerce Labs (AproGift). Since we are basically a white label plugin, hence we are not directly or indirectly responsible for any deliveries or packaging of products. Similarly, the stock of the respective products is completely the responsibility of the corresponding e-commerce company. For more intrinsic details, please contact the original e-commerce site where you make the purchase.
The policy is explained below in detail. We request you to email us at or call us at the mentioned contact number if the policy is unclear to you. Buying a product from our clients' websites or their partners means that you agree and abide with the points below besides their own existing policies.

1. The refund policy is valid up to 'n' days from the date of sale of the product if the product has been cancelled after paying partially via the Payment Gateways available with Commerce Labs (AproGift). The number 'n' will vary as per the partner e-commerce site that redirected you to our site for the payment processing.
n = 5 in case of Mobikwik wallet

2. The only non-refundable part will be the service charges for processing the payments. The service charges are mentioned in the policies of the respective payment gateways that you utilize on our site.

3. Commerce Labs (AproGift) will not refund any money for a discount coupon or a promotional code that the user may have purchased from any website other than Commerce Labs (AproGift).

If you would like to exercise the refund guarantee policy, please ensure the refund period is still valid on your product/gift. The company will process the refund in the above cases, once the user informs us through the widget on the e-commerce site (Yes, we have the refund functionality embedded within) or by mailing us at about his or her will to get the refund. The refund will take around 10 working days to process.